Hoses tangled up with a broom
A trees branches grow out in almost perfect symmetry after a pole was stuck in the middle of the tree
An old villa outfitted with solar panels is viewed from the canal where the boat's motion creates undulating waves
A young tree in a pot seems connected to an electrical wire
Foliage burst through the slated windows of Tokyo's metropolis
Elegant curve of a iceberg against the light blue water
Mount Fuji is seen behind a roof
2 children sit at the edge of a riverbank with their dog
Shadow of house casted onto mountain landscape in Iceland
Thrush in the foreground of a pink sawtooth wall
Dotted pixels construct an image of a pan standing against a fence
A solidary woman and her dog pause in the middle of an empty road in the foreground of a cluster of pastel colored houses
A view of a playground play with a car in the foreground shot through an alleyway
Black rope on a deck coiled up
A grass draws a circle around it mimicking a sundial
Laundry flowing in the mist over a lake
Silhouette of woman walking with huge circular bundles of wires in backdrop
Spiral staircase running alongside plants with red flowers
Half sunken boat in water encircled by lush greener
View of an open window that looks in through an abandoned concrete house and into the other window that reveals the colorful landscape on the other side
View of a road with a plateau in the backdrop
Dark water with purple reflection
Wrapped haybales in the grassy lawns of a dark and misty day