Man carries pool noodles underwater
Portrait of woman resting her head near the window
Mirrored image of a child
Woman adjusts the water level of a zoo display
Chinese words are reflected on the back of a person sitting in the water
A man and a woman cross paths in the empty sea
Karate teachers instruct their young students in the receding waves of Coney Island's beach
Upwards shot of a man on the deck of his boat adjusting a part
Portrait of woman encircled with floating light streaks
Silhouette of a woman floating in water in what appears to be a void
A red wall drop of foliage
Man speaks with his hand on his chin and a shadow of another hand across his chest
View of a woman standing on a trail with leafs encircling her
Child sleeps cuddled on a pillow on a carpeted floor while his toys are moving towards him
3 women huddled together one with their face visible the others shrouded in dark clothing
Seated woman serenely looks into the light of an open doorway
Sailer opens roof of boat
A person feed pasta to another person who is illuminated by a box