Upward shot of a man climbing in red rocks
Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada
A long line of horses run in Iceland's pastel backdrop
Skagafjörður, Iceland
Racing cyclist with a backdrop that fades into a blur
Red Hook Crit — Brooklyn, New York
3 climbers look up as one fastens the rope in red rocks
Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Man in a orange boat whips around in the misty sea
Quirpon Island, Newfoundland 
Horse in a grassy field
Moss covered trees in Californias Dipsea Trail
Dipsea Trail, California
Three sheep standing in the grass with a mountain in the back
Borgarfjörður Eystri, Iceland
Elder man in cowboy hat sits on a chair with a coffee in hand as a sun shower comes down
Keihoku, Japan
Fish sit in the bottom of a yellow bucket
Marine Park, New York
Child sits between a geological fault in a mossy Newfoundland landscape
Quirpon Island, Newfoundland
Woman tentatively looks into the partially open door of a church
Shkodër, Albania
Trash washed up on the shore in Rio de Janeiro
Niterói, Brasil
Solo Dirt bike cyclist rides up a tall red canyon with powerlines in the background
Red Canyon, Iceland
silhouette of a man against the rocky walls of gjipe beach with the sea in the background
Gjipe Beach, Albania
Pattern of sand dunes radiating out from a rock
Barra de Valizas, Uruguay
4 members of Spektral Quartet hold up their bows against lines that form a spectrum
Spektral Quartet
Man in drivers seat turns back to look at the camera
Solymar, Uruguay
Man with fedora sits in the shadows and beige arches
Atlas Electronic — Marrakesh, Morocco
Crouching man is reflected in a puddle in the Freedom Tunnels of New York
Freedom Tunnels, New York
White woman carries a sign that reads
BLM Protest over Freddie Gray — Manhattan, New York
Molly Parker reads her lines on set of Madelines Madeline
Molly Parker on set for Madeline's Madeline
A solo woman walks on a path in Riverside Drive park in the background there is a underground vent
Riverside Drive, New York